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Commercial Insurance

Secure your business's future with our comprehensive coverage. Explore our Commercial Insurance today.

Property Insurance

Protect your valuable assets with our robust Property Insurance. See how we shield your investments.

Business Insurance

From damage to liabilities, our Business Insurance has got you covered. Make your business invincible.

General Liability Insurance

Unexpected events? We've got you covered. Discover our General Liability Insurance.

Garage Keeper Insurance

Manage risks in your garage effectively. Discover your safety net with our Garage Keeper Insurance

Dealer and Repair Shop Insurance

Unique risks? Our tailored Dealer and Repair Shop Insurance has you covered. Explore peace of mind for your business.

Dealer Bonds

Focus on selling cars while we handle compliance. Explore our Dealer Bonds for seamless dealership operations.

Warehouse Insurance

Keep your supply chain disruption-free. Discover how our Warehouse Insurance ensures smooth operations

We provide coverages required by Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)


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JK Personal Sale Inc is a commercial Insurance Agency with over 20 years of experience specializing in business commercial insurance coverages for Garage, Repair Shops, Auto Dealers, Dealer Bonds, Warehouse building(s) coverage and all your commercial needs.